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Ace Your IELTS : Proven Prep Course for Excellence 2024

Embark on a transformative journey towards IELTS success with our comprehensive preparation course. Designed for ambitious individuals like you, our program offers expert guidance, personalized strategies, and unparalleled support to help you achieve your desired band score.


Whether you're aiming for academic or immigration purposes, our course equips you with the essential skills and confidence to excel in every section of the exam. With a proven track record of success and a team of dedicated instructors, we're committed to empowering you to unlock your full potential and realize your dreams of studying or living abroad. Join us today and take the first step towards a brighter future!

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Our course is cost-effective and adaptable to your schedule. The classes will cover the distinctions between Academic and General IELTS, with an emphasis on the four essential skills of the test: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.

IELTS academic

To enhance your learning, you will engage in a comprehensive study approach that involves reading and completing previous examination papers and authentic practice tests. Additionally, you will have the option to further strengthen your skills by utilising supplementary online modules for practice in the comfort of your own home. Our proficient IELTS instructors will offer you valuable advice and strategies to enhance your performance and comprehension, along with consistent feedback on your learning and progress.

You have the option to complete your test at any of our authorised test facilities, either using a physical paper or a computer. To book for the test you simply require a valid identification document and a bank card.

IELTS academic


Our Training Institute's main objective is to assist every student in acquiring vital skills necessary to successfully pass the test. Our primary focus is on providing practical training in delivering techniques and approaches that will help students achieve their desired score.

The main question is why you should choose us for the IELTS Preparation Training? There are a few main reasons for that:

  • Interactive and intensive classes full of practice.
  • Individual and group classes (5-10 students) are available.
  • Apart from providing you a book and handouts, we also give extra materials to study at home.
  • Flexible timings (evening and weekend classes)
  • If you make no progress we will provide a few hours of free individual training.
  • Free mock tests to evaluate your improvement and build confidence.


Prior to enrolling in any of our classes, each student will be required to complete two pre-assessment tests. These tests will evaluate your English proficiency in terms of grammar and vocabulary. Upon reviewing your results, a consultant will recommend a necessary training programme with a customised schedule.



Our interactive speaking lessons aim to overcome language barriers and stimulate the generation of fresh ideas across a range of themes. Within the classroom setting, students engage in collaborative work by forming pairs or groups, facilitating discussions and the exchange of ideas. When speaking, our main focus is not on grammar, but rather on helping students overcome their fear of speaking, breaking the habit of thinking in their home language, and encouraging them to think more broadly by generating new ideas.

  • Understanding Question Parts
  • Get question types
  • How to get 9 band score in IELTS Speaking
  • Fluency & Coherence
  • Lexical Resource (Vocabulary)
  • Grammatical Range & Accuracy
  • Pronunciation
  • Practice Tests with Trainers' Feedback


Writing, however, is the specific area of our concentration that centres only on pupils' grammar and vocabulary. Following a comprehensive elucidation of many categories of essays for both general and academic IELTS, students will receive essay themes and corresponding language to aid their writing.

  • Comprehend Similarities & Dissimilarities between General and Academic versions of IELTS
  • Recognize Tasks
  • Understanding Assessment Criteria to know how to get 9 band score in IELTS writing
  • Writing Visual Lecture Presentations & Discussion to avoid common mistakes
  • Grammatical Range & Accuracy
  • Vocabulary
  • Practice Test with Trainers' Feedback


During reading lessons, students receive instruction on the test style and the kind of questions they will encounter during the exam, along with helpful strategies and techniques. The trainer will demonstrate various strategies for reading passages and answering subsequent questions. Each student will receive a practice exam to attempt, allowing us to assess their current level and identify areas for improvement.

  • Understanding Similarities & Dissimilarities between General and Academic versions of IELTS
  • Knowing Sections/ Paragraphs
  • Learning question types
  • Identifying keywords and synonyms
  • Grasp the skill of paraphrasing
  • Techniques to find the answers fast & accurately
  • Time management
  • Reading Skills
  • Scanning: Identifying specific information
  • Skimming: Understanding the general idea by going throzcgh the text quickly
  • Intensive Reading: Reading carefully
  • Practice Tests with Trainers' Feedback and Answers Explanation


The listening component poses a significant challenge for all students. Our training approach is very adaptable, with the trainer providing explicit guidance on the techniques and tactics pupils should employ in order to successfully pass the listening exam. Listening classes incorporate interactive exercises that specifically target the enhancement of listening abilities.

  • Understanding Sections
  • Knowing question types
  • Identifying keywords and synonyms
  • Get the skill of paraphrasing
  • Predicting the type of answers
  • Listening Strategies
  • Pre-Listening: Using Audio Instructions and Predicting
  • While Listening: Being Ready to Hear and writing While Listening
  • Post-Listening: Checking and Transferring Answers on the answer sheet
  • Practice IELTS Tests with Trainers' Feedback
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