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Our Courses

AutoCAD 2D Training

2D CAD Design

This course provides students with the foundational knowledge and practical skills necessary to create accurate and detailed two-dimensional drawings using CAD software. Through a combination of lectures, hands-on exercises, and projects, students will learn how to navigate CAD interfaces, utilize drawing tools and commands, and apply industry-standard drafting techniques.

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CAD Software Overview:

  • Introduction to CAD software interface and workspace
  • Understanding basic tools and commands
  • File management and organization

Drawing Fundamentals:

  • Creating and editing geometric shapes (lines, circles, arcs, etc.)
  • Using precision tools for accurate measurements and alignments
  • Understanding layers and drawing properties

Object Modification and Manipulation:

  • Editing existing objects (move, copy, rotate, scale)
  • Trimming, extending, and filleting entities
  • Applying constraints and dimensions

Annotation and Documentation:

  • Adding text and annotations to drawings
  • Creating and managing dimension styles
  • Generating bill of materials and part lists

Advanced Drawing Techniques:

  • Creating blocks and symbols for reusable elements
  • Working with external references (Xrefs)
  • Introduction to parametric drawing concepts

Project Work:

  • Applying learned skills to real-world projects
  • Creating technical drawings for mechanical, architectural, or electrical designs
  • Collaborative design exercises to simulate industry workflows

Best Practices and Standards:

  • Understanding industry standards and conventions
  • Implementing drawing templates and standards
  • Reviewing and optimizing drawings for clarity and accuracy

By the end of the course, students will have developed a solid understanding of 2D CAD principles and techniques, enabling them to create professional-quality drawings for various engineering, architectural, and design applications.

Detail AutoCAD 2D Syllabus

    Introduction to AutoCAD
  • Starting AutoCAD
  • Invoking Commands in AutoCAD
  • Starting a New Drawing
  • Save Drawing as Dialog box
  • Opening an Existing Drawing
  • Creating and Managing Workspaces
  • AutoCAD Screen Components
  • AutoCAD Dialog Boxes
  • Saving Your Work
  • Closing a Drawing
  • Quitting AutoCAD
  • Getting started with AutoCAD
  • Dynamic Input Mode
  • Invoking tools Using Dynamic INPUT/Command Prompt
  • Setting Units Type and Precision
  • Drawing Lines in AutoCAD
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Object Selection Methods
  • Starting with Advanced sketching
  • Drawing Arcs
  • Drawing Ellipses
  • Drawing Polylines
  • Drawing Infinite Lines
  • Drawing Rectangles
  • Drawing Regular Polygon
  • Placing Points
  • Writing a Single Line Text
  • Working with drawing Aids
  • Understanding the Concept and use of LAYERS
  • Object Properties
  • Working with Object Snaps
  • Running Object Snap Mode
  • Function and Control Keys
  • Working with Layers
  • Drafting Settings dialog box
  • Drawing Straight Lines using the Ortho Mode
  • Using Auto Tracking
  • Editing Sketched Objects-I
  • Editing Sketches
  • Copying the Sketched Objects
  • Mirroring the Sketched objects
  • Moving the Sketched Objects
  • Arraying the Sketched Objects
  • Edting Sketching Objects-II
  • Introduction to Grips
  • Managing Contents Using the Design enter
  • Panning Drawings
  • Types of Grips
  • Zooming Drawings
  • Creating Tect and Tables
  • Annotative Objects
  • Multiple Annotation Scales
  • Creating Text
  • Entering Special Characters
  • Editing Text
  • Creating a New Table Style
  • Annotation Scale
  • Controlling the Display of Annotative objects
  • Creating Multiline Text
  • Inserting Table in the Drawing
  • Basic Dimensioning, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • Need for Dimensioning
  • Fundamental Dimensioning Terms
  • Angular Dimensioning of Circles
  • Working with True Associative Dimensions
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance
  • Adding Geometric Tolerance
  • Dimensioning in AutoCAD
  • Creating Linear Dimensions
  • Creating Inspection Dimensions
  • Aligning Multileaders
  • Geometric Characteristics and Symbols
  • Complex Feature Control Frames
  • Editing Dimensions
  • Editing Dimensions by Stretching
  • Flipping Dimension Arrow
  • Modifying the Dimensions
  • Updating Dimensions
  • Properties Palette (Dimension)
  • Model Space and Paper Space Dimensioning
  • Editing Dimensions by Trimming and Extending
  • Editing the Dimension Text
  • Editing Dimensions with Grips
  • Editing Dimensions using the Properties Palette
  • Properties Palette (Multileader)
  • Dimension Styles, Multileader styles and System variables
  • Using Styles and Variables to Control Dimensions
  • New Dimension Style dialog box
  • Fitting Dimension Text and Arrowheads
  • Formatting Alternate Dimension Units
  • Modify Multileader Style dialog box
  • Creating and Restoring Dimension Styles
  • Controlling the Dimension Text Format
  • Formatting Primary Dimension Units
  • Formatting the Tolerances
  • Creating and Restoring Multileader Styles
  • Model space Viewports, paper space viewports and Layouts
  • Model Space and Paper Space/Layouts
  • Making a Viewport Current
  • Paper space viewports (Floating Viewports)
  • Editing Viewports
  • Model Space Viewports (Tiled Viewports)
  • Joining Two Adjacent Viewports
  • Temporary Model Space
  • Plotting Drawings
  • Plotting Drawings in AutoCAD
  • Adding Plotters
  • Plotting Drawings Using the Plot Dialog Box
  • Using Plot Styles
  • Hatching Drawings
  • Hatching
  • Panels in the Hatch Creation Tab
  • Hatching the Drawing Using the Tool Palettes
  • Hatching Drawings Using the Hatch Tool
  • Creating Annotative Hatch
  • Hatching Around Text, Dimensions, and Attributes
  • Working with Blocks
  • The Concept of Blocks
  • Creating and Inserting Annotative Blocks
  • Creating Drawing Files using the Write Block Dialog Box
  • Inserting Blocks
  • Adding Blocks in Tool Palettes
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